Krist+ is a brand that offers the necessary items to bring magic into homes: Christmas decorations, both for indoors and outdoors, textiles, wrapping, accessories and accessories for your pets.

The new 2022 collection is set in five corners of the world that reflect the theme of each collection: New York, Lapland, Moscow, India and Paris.

New York Classic collects traditional Christmas products reminiscent of the streets of New York and takes us to Rockefeller Center. The red and green colors stand out, as well as items inspired by Santa Claus and the characteristic fir tree.

Cold Lapland takes us to the snowy forests of Finland. It opts for pure colors: natural tones combined with white. The materials that stand out are the noble woods, which are integrated with the Nordic nature.

Luxury Moscow is a collection that stands out for its glamour and in which you can find strong colors such as orange, maroon, burgundy and fuchsia. It uses materials such as velvet and is guarded by the representative nutcracker.

Pure India evokes the Christmas of North India and is composed of animal prints reminiscent of the native fauna. Colors such as blue, purple and bright gold predominate, which will make you live an exotic holiday season.

Sweet Paris is inspired by French pastry shops and their characteristic macarons. Pastel colors such as pink, turquoise and mint green predominate, combined with petrol blue. Opt for velvety and damask fabrics.

Take a look at the different collections and choose your favorite.

Magic is all around!


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